The Multi-Service Center (MSC) is the second-largest program operated by PRAHD and serves approximately 800-1000 unduplicated individuals annually. Program services primarily focus on Middlesex County residents, however, the program also has a secondary geographic service area in certain areas of Union County. The MSC target population is low- to moderate-income individuals less than 55 years of age residing in North/Central NJ.

By design, the Multi-Service Center is an anti-poverty program that addresses unmet human service needs that arise from or are exacerbated by a chronic state of poverty. Specific unmet human service needs are organized into three distinct service categories: housing (homelessness prevention, affordable housing services), basic needs access (food, clothing), and benefits access. Comprehensive case management is also provided.

The Multi-Service Center services create sustainable social impact that breaks an individual's cycle of poverty; resulting in the attainment of personal/financial autonomy and a substantially improved quality of life.