The Mi Escuelita Preschool Early Childhood Center is a part of the Perth Amboy Board of Education Public Schools and is offered to three and four year old children who reside in the City of Perth Amboy. Mi Escuelita Preschool operates Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 5:15pm throughout the school year. Preschoolers in Mi Escuelita are taught in a bilingual & bicultural environment that facilitates intellectual growth and personal development. A faculty of credentialed teachers lead the students in enriching and engaging classroom activities which are directly supported by the use of the "Creative Curriculum," an evidence-based teaching strategy that allows teachers to practice in a developmentally appropriate style that matches the way children learn and develop. Mi Escuelita is a safe and nurturing learning community, where parent, teacher and student all work together to ensure that the child receives the highest-quality preschool experience. Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks are provided at no charge and by in-house culinary staff.  

We are currently accepting applications.  Please call 732-638-2801.

PRAHD's After-School Tennis Program

PRAHD's Kids Club is a before and after school program offered to children ages 5-13 residing in the City of Perth Amboy. Before school care occurs from 7AM to 8:30AM, primarily for students attending the Robert N. Wilentz School.  Students are escorted to morning classes by certified counselors.  After school programming occurs from 3PM to 6PM  throughout the school year and provided on the days the school district has early dismissal.

PRAHD's Kids Club is located within the Robert N. Wilentz School located at 51 First Street, Perth Amboy and at PRAHD headquarters located at 100 First Street, Perth Amboy.  Students are led by a team of certified counselors.  Students who participate in PRAHD's Kids Club receive daily homework assistance/support, basic school skills development and ongoing mentoring. The program is structured under the only Play Works Curriculum in Middlesex County; which fosters safe, healthy and inclusive play. In addition, Kids Club is a Community Tennis Association (CTA), with the United States Tennis Association providing free tennis lessons.  Family workshops are provided to  engage parents and relatives to build strong families.

PRAHD, in collaboration with the Raritan Bay Area YMCA, offers full day summer camp during summer vacation.  We also offer full day care for students ages 5-13 during the fall and spring recess.  Kids Club is a vital part of Perth Amboy's community in providing invaluable guidance and enrichment for youngsters and their families! Contact PRAHD today if you're interested in enrolling your child.

The Multi-Service Center (MSC) is the second-largest program operated by PRAHD and serves approximately 800-1000 unduplicated individuals annually. Program services primarily focus on Middlesex County residents, however, the program also has a secondary geographic service area in certain areas of Union County. The MSC target population is low- to moderate-income individuals less than 55 years of age residing in North/Central NJ.

By design, the Multi-Service Center is an anti-poverty program that addresses unmet human service needs that arise from or are exacerbated by a chronic state of poverty. Specific unmet human service needs are organized into three distinct service categories: housing (homelessness prevention, affordable housing services), basic needs access (food, clothing), and benefits access. Comprehensive case management is also provided.

The Multi-Service Center services create sustainable social impact that breaks an individual's cycle of poverty; resulting in the attainment of personal/financial autonomy and a substantially improved quality of life.

The HOY program is an HIV/AIDS prevention program for African American and Latina females between the ages of 18-29.  Our primary goal is to reduce HIV transmission and increase awareness of HIV status among high risk African American and Latina females.  Since 1989, PRAHD has consistently provided an array of HIV/AIDS prevention services to its cliental through the generous funding from the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services Division of HIV, STD and TB Services.  

HOY Program has two components:

  • Health Education Risk Reduction Classes, known as SISTA (Sisters Informing Sisters about Topics on AIDS), a peer-led, skill-building intervention project to prevent HIV infection among women.  It is delivered in 5 sessions and includes discussions of self-esteem, relationships, sexual health, self-efficacy and empowerment.  SISTA is known as an Effective Behavioral Intervention Program by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). This program is offered throughout Middlesex County at no cost.
  • Testing and counseling services are at no cost, same day results, no appointment necessary, services in English and Spanish and offered statewide.  PRAHD has been very focused to ensure that everyone in New Jersey has access to confidential testing.  That those individuals at risk for HIV and other STD's have access to information and programs to protect themselves from infection and individuals living with HIV and AIDS have access to the best medical care and other referral services needed to live a healthy and productive lifestyle.

For over 30 years, PRAHD has been an integral community partner to the development and implementation of public health policies and services.


The Work Readiness Program for Latino Youth (WRPLY) is a youth/career development program offered to youth participants ages 16-18 residing in the City of Perth Amboy. WRPLY operates through the entire year Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3pm to 5pm.

The program has two distinct components:

  • Continual support services for participants from September to March;
  • An 8-week research-driven course (the Career Education Series) offered from late April to mid-June.

The remaining months are dedicated to continual support services. The program allows for investments to be made in real work experience for vulnerable youth that prepares participants for employment, demonstrates the value of education and encourages higher self-esteem and ambition.

Fully accredited and registered by the New Jersey Commission on Accreditation for Home Health Care (CAHC), the Resources for Independent Living (REFIL) program provides personal care services primarily for seniors and developmentally disabled individuals and their families. Services are rendered through the provision of Certified Home Health Aides who provide a slew of in-home services. Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Household management
  • Personal care
  • Recreational activities
  • Chores and errands
  • Mobility assistance
  • Communication
  • Transportation
  • Other miscellaneous duties as needed

A Registered Nurse will manage your care, and develop a Plan of Care based on the patient's individualized needs.  Hours of operation are established for each client contract and individualized service, however, services can be provided 24/7 if needed. In addition, the REFIL program assists client's caregivers and family members with referrals to PRAHD's in-house programming and services.

The Senior Services Center (SSC) is a direct service provider that has operated for the past 39 years and addresses the broad spectrum of unmet needs facing Middlesex County seniors. As the program title suggests, the target population of the SSC are individuals aged 55 years and older who reside in Middlesex County. Due to overwhelming community need, the SSC is the agency's largest program in terms of client volume, with approximate annual service total of 1,200 unduplicated individuals. Services provided by the SSC to seniors focus on elderly-specific hardships that encumber quality of life and impede independent living. Indicators of well-being services by the program include:

  • General health
  • Mental health
  • Transportation
  • Benefits access
  • Document assistance
  • Affordable health care access
  • Housing/financial management
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Wellness classes
  • Recreation and cultural activities

Project BEST is an initiative of the State of New Jersey Department of Human Services' Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired, which is operated by PRAHD throughout Middlesex, Union, and Hudson Counties. National research shows that more than half of all cases of blindness or severe vision loss could have been prevented. Project BEST aims to ensure that NJ residents have access to free vision services that will prevent or mitigate vision loss. Services are rendered through a mobile vision outreach worker who conducts vision screenings at various fixed locations, institutions, community-based organizations and schools. Project BEST makes an incredible impact on the eye health of the community. Thanks to this program, thousands have kept the precious gift of sight, facilitating success in all areas of life. For more information on free vision screenings, contact PRAHD today!

PRAHD is partnering with the New Jersey Carpenters Network to provide interested applicants with a wonderful opportunity to receive FREE training in carpentry. This pre-apprenticeship program is offered in the evening hours, allowing participants the ability to maintain their daytime work schedule.

The pre-apprenticeship program provides participants with the fundamental skills of the carpentry trade. Additionally, it will help prepare participants for the entrance requirements for the full apprenticeship program for union apprentice carpenters. This program is an invaluable part of our community's efforts to break the cycle of poverty by providing neighbors and friends the skills they need to earn gainful employment and provide for themselves and their families

The PRAHD Carpenters Program has been featured on Fios1 News New Jersey and NJBIZ. Contact PRAHD today to inquire about this unique opportunity.

See our HUD-certified Homebuyer Education Course at!

PRAHD is a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Certified Housing Counseling Agency.  Our housing program addresses unmet housing needs for low to moderate income individuals residing in Middlesex County.  Specific needs addressed by the program include:

  • Resolving/preventing mortgage default
  • First Time Homebuyer's counseling and education
  • Non-delinquent/post purchase
  • American Dream Down Payment Assistance Program for Middlesex County

Program efforts are designed to provide clients with competent counseling, education and resources to motivate and empower our clients to make responsible choices for long term success.  All housing counselors rendering PRAHD's Housing Program services are bilingual, trained, approved and certified by HUD.  In an effort to enhance our services and delivery, PRAHD has partnered and become an affiliate of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States who works to build a stronger America by creating opportunities for Latinos.

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